Guild Wars 2 Guild
Stormbluff Isle (US)

Guild History

The guild dates back to June of 2005 when two members of the Boston Freelancer Server decided to pick up and play Guild Wars for the first time. The two members formed Boston Guild [BG] which incorporated a number of founding members also from the same origin. Since then Boston Guild paved a very long path including a lot of very friendly and mature members from multiple creeds and countries. Now that Guild Wars 2 has entered the scene, the guild has reformed itself along with new and old founding members to create Order Of The Mists [OOM].

The guild is always aims to comprised of friendly and mature members committed to maintaining an active member base. We help all members no mater how far they have progressed in the game. We freely share tips, tricks and other skills with all members. In addition we form groups when possible into high level PvE areas. We are mainly a PvE guild but we also impose no restrictions on casual PvP or WvW activities. We welcome all players. Remember, this is a game, and you are supposed to have fun, and that's the way we go about it.