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Major Changes (Part one)
« on: June 05, 2008, 06:25:20 PM »
Short version: We left Myth alliance. I will be stepping down

Long version:

I know many of you opted to stay with Myth but it appears the decision was made for us. Because of the recent mess, the other leaders felt that our goals are no longer the same. It appears they have voted to kick us out. This was without my knowledge.

This also has brought past events where people from this guild have offended (not on purpose, I assume) other alliance members. The main problem with the alliance is that the leaders aren't talking to each other so I've have not being informed of these so I do not know if they are true or not.

I've also, in my rebellious self, have said to Aura Lin that we will withdraw from the alliance. I feel that if they are no longer commited to grow the alliance or their own guilds, then it is better for us to part ways.
I am not fighting this. We will be offically leaving Myth next week (Tuesday to be exact)
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