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Liking what I see
« on: February 15, 2008, 10:22:40 AM »
Looking for a new guild.  Only been playing for 6 months, been through a few.  First two were dead (no activity that I could see).  Third one was pretty good.  Unfortunately, their goal was a full roster (recruiting ftw!), not entirely bad, but a steady stream of bozos that talk more than my four-year-old (and make less sense  :-\ ).

I'm mostly into PvE, have Proph, Nightfall, EotN.  Looking for some good people to hook up with for various missions, quests, dungeons, whatever.  I do enjoy helping out where I can.  I'm from Alberta, Canada (MST), and usually on evenings / weekends (not daily, but weekly for sure). 

My primary IGN is Ayr Walker (N/any 20, Tyrian Protector).

Found the website through GuildCafe.  Both the Guild and the Alliance impressed me.  Hope to talk again soon.