Guild Wars 2 Guild
Stormbluff Isle (US)

Commonsense Rules v.3.0.1 (9/17/2012)

Notice: These rules are subject to change at any time. 

Order Of The Mists Code of Conduct

The following rules are intended to maintain a friendly and fun atmosphere in the guild.  They should be followed accordingly.

1. We are a community guild.  As such, we require all members to register at, our website, within one month of either the posting of these rules or one month of becoming a member of the guild.  This allows you to keep in touch with upcoming guild events, other members, trade items, and just hang out and chat with other members when you are not in game.

2. This is a Friendly and Mature guild and we mean it.  All members will be respectful toward others, in-game or otherwise. Flaming, harrassment and trolling will not be tolerated.  This extends to Alliance Members as well. Members are also NOT allowed to taint the reputation of the guild through lewd acts such as scamming, demeaning language, griefing, elitism, rage quitting, and bad sportsmanship. The guild severely frowns upon bad behavior and all members should handle themselves with respect and dignity. Remember we are all in this together, and you’re supposed to be having fun.  If you have any problems with this consult an officer or the leader.

3. Official Guild and Alliance activities.  These activities are scheduled by the Guild leader or officers, and are for the general enjoyment of all members.  We encourage all members to participate, however, they are optional.

4. Participation is key.  The guild website is for YOUR use and enjoyment.  All members are encouraged to take part.  This is YOUR guild, you make of the experience what you want to make of it.  Get involved!  Do you have burning question or a great idea? POST IT! Events, ideas, and such don’t just come from the leader and officers, they come from all members.  Are you looking to get a particular item?  Can’t seem to finish a quest or dungeon?  Post your frustrations, and/or ask if someone can help.  Want to get a sPvP or WvW group together?  Un-official activities are planned all the time by whomever wants to post one.

5. Inactivity.  We all have real lives outside the game, so we know that things come up, get in the way, and out right cut into your quality playing time.  As such, we still need to know you are alive and well and intend on continuing to participate.  Therefore, guild members that are inactivity for over 3 months may be subject to being dropped from the guild roster.  As an exception to this rule, we have provided a section on the website for announcing leaves of absence in excess of the rule (we also encourage you to use it for shorter periods of time also).  If you don’t feel comfortable posting the reasons for the absence, please feel free to PM an officer or the leader.  It is also possible to remain in the guild, by remaining active of the website and forums, but you still need to post in the leave of absence section.

6. Officer Promotion. Promotion to officer from a general member is solely up to the guild leader in consultation with the officers.  Generally though certain rules apply to be considered; you must be a member of the guild for at least 2 months, be active in-game and on the website/forums, and display exemplary commitment to your fellow members and the community.

7. Guild Leadership.  This is where the buck stops.  The guild leadership is responsible for maintaining an active guild membership, scheduling, and generally helping the officers and general membership as a whole.  The leader is governed by the same activity rules that govern the officers.

8. Leadership Elections.  If the current leader has been absent for an abnormal length of time without notice (atleast 2 to 3 months) then nominations for leader shall be taken from the general guild membership, approved by a majority vote of the officers and then submitted to the general membership for a vote to last no less than one week.  The winning candidate shall be the one who gets a majority of the entire guild membership, not just of those who have voted.  If no candidate wins, the top two candidates will have a run-off, using the same timeline as outlined previously. If no suitable candidate can be found or win a majority vote, the current temporary leader shall become the permanent.

9. Changes to the Guild Conduct Guide.  Changes to the code of conduct can be raised by anyone in the guild. Changes shall be heavily scrutinized by the leader and officers and then put up for a popularity vote by all members. Unpopular changes may be thrown out either by populous vote or the guild leadership.

10. Guild members ARE NOT permitted to demand gold for items or services from other guild members (running, help w/ a quest, etc.) in any capacity.  This does not preclude trading between members for items or gold, but only as an in-kind gift.  Please do not ask or beg for gold.  We are not a charity, but we can and will help you make some for yourself.

11. Non Representation/Hacked Accounts. If a member's account is suspected of being hacked that member may be demoted to the lowest rank without warning as to avoid any issues with Guild Storage. Those who choose not to represent the guild after a lenghty period of time being affiliated shal also be restricted to this rank.

All who fail to adhere to the Code Of Conduct will be dealt with quickly and accordingly.